Paint Chem 2K - Whites, Hardeners, Clears, MS Primers

This range of 2k Toners and Clears are based on PUR Acrylics and have a wide range of outstanding properties from excellent film appearance, high resistance to water, solvents and chemicals to excellent weathering and good scratch resistance. Formulated with only automotive grade pigments and solvents to offer the user excellent resistance to weathering. In addition to the exceptional hiding power, this range of 2K Toners and Clears exhibit fast drying and excellent gloss and good curing at ambient temperatures or under force drying conditions, thus perfectly matching the requirements of coatings for the automotive industry.

Paint Chem Durolux Base Coats

The Durolux Basecoat range is formulated with only the highest quality of polyester based resins and top quality automotive grade pigments,micas and aluminiums. With excellent lightfastness properties and outstanding hiding power, the Durolux range allows the user to match almost any desired colour to obtain a finish of the highest quality at the best possible price.

Paint Chem N/C Glossline

A single pack, nitrocellulose based range of toners and clears. The NC Glossline range offers the end-user good tinting strength toners with good hiding power and good lightfastness and weathering properties. The high tensile strength of the film, the good gloss and adhesion as well as the extensibility and durability of the finished coating are added benefits of this range.

Paint Chem Quick Dry Industrial Paints

A quick-drying primer and topcoat in one that can be applied directly to mild steel. No additional topcoat needed. Eliminates the need for 2 different products. Reduces production time. Excellent adhesion and opacity. Suitable for use as both a primer and a topcoat with a sheen appearance. Suitable for general industrial applications onto mild steel components.